Active Materials

We at NES dealing with customized form of nano materials.

We provide customized forms of Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes & Metal Oxide Nano-powder products such as composites and functionalizations, for different Applications.


Nordische advanced materials division focused on the environment-friendly, nontoxic, mass production of advanced carbon materials has potential applications in battery, corrosion protection, supercapacitor, biomedical, fuel cell, water treatment, electronic circuit, solar cell etc.. Carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the entire universe (by mass). Because of this abundance, graphene could well be a sustainable, ecologically friendly solution for an increasingly complex world. One of the example of carbon based advanced material is graphene. It’s the thinnest, strongest and Lightest material we have seen. Graphene is stronger than steel and Kevlar, with a tensile strength of 150,000,000 psi. It is Best Conductor of Heat and Electricity. And Good Absorber of light. Along with graphene other materials like carbon nanotubes & metal oxide are prepared as per the demand.