Open Cell Aluminium Foam

Open Cell Aluminium Foam

A rigid, three-dimensional network of linked aluminium ligaments known as aluminum foam is made up of cells with open pores. Aluminium foam has totally adjustable characteristics and completely solid ligaments enable for performance attributes to be tailored for a variety of applications.

Aluminium foams are distinguished by their extremely high porosity, which commonly makes up 75 to 95 percent of volume.

Aluminium foam typically retain some of their base material’s physical characteristics.

The non-flammability of foam manufactured from non-flammable metal will not change, and the foam is typically recyclable back to its original base material.

While thermal conductivity is likely to decrease, the coefficient of thermal expansion will remain roughly the same.

These foams have typical characteristics such as, lightweight, high strength-to-weight ratio, customizable strength, and high surface area-to-volume.

Aluminium foams are widely applicable in the area of, energy storage devices, as a structural component, in the thermal applications and in the filtration and media separator.

Aluminium foam is typically made in starting size up to approximately 140 mm X 140 mm X 5 mm. Others sizes are also available.

Smaller dimensions and features are possible.