Lithium Extraction

Why We Need Lithium ?

The substantial increase in worldwide lithium consumption is now demanding huge attention of the researcher and corporate house. It is expected that the global requirements of lithium is expected to increase from 265,000 tons in 2015 to an estimated 498,000 tons in 2025. Again in the current scenario of battery technology, lithium-ion battery is predominating over the other battery technologies. So Lithium metal is termed as white petroleum and most sought after element of the decade

Why Lithium Extraction from Sea Water?

The limited source of lithium in the earth crust and sustainability of lithium ion in sea water provokes our world class research team to make some path breaking impact in the field of lithium extraction from sea water  As it is known, oceans contain about 5,000 times more lithium than the land but at extremely low concentrations of about 0.2 parts per million (ppm). Also Direct Lithium Extraction from land reserves creates huge environmental impact causing pollution and deforestation Sea water is an abundant source of ions and henceforth, lithium ions. Thus, extracting Lithium from sea water and brine solutions is an excellent technology to provide battery grade Lithium to the market.


The multi-disciplinary research team of Nordische Energy System have come out with an excellent way out based on membrane technology combined with electrodeposition and precipitation method, without impacting the marine environment and marine life.


The huge abundant sea water, affordability & efficiency of the technology without producing any environmental impact is our USP in the probable geographic locations of India, Germany, Holland and Saudi Arabia