Graphite Foam

Graphite Foam

Graphite foams are an open pore foam material, which have an interconnected three-dimensional cellular network. With porosity 30 to 70 percent.

Graphite powder impregnated with existing Carbon foam for development of graphite foam.

These graphite foams are unique and gives many desirable characteristics, lightweight graphite material with a very high thermal conductivity that effectively transfers energy, electrical conductivity, and large specific surface area. These features enable design freedom.

These foams are chemically inert, have a variable pore size and density. Customizable to shapes.

Graphite foam is typically made in starting size up to approximately 140 mm X 140 mm X 3 mm/ 140 mm X 140 mm X 5 mm.

Smaller dimensions and features are possible.

Graphite foams are mainly having applications in the area of Energy storage system, super capacitors, and electronic package cooling, heat sink and exchangers.