Graphene Foam

Graphene Foam

Graphene foams are an open pore foam material, which have an interconnected three-dimensional cellular network. Graphene foam with Porosity 30-70 percent.

High energy density multi-layer graphene impregnated with existing Carbon foam for development of high specific energy density graphene foam.

Graphene foam gives many desirable characteristics, such as lightweight, adjustable thermal and electrical conductivity, high temperature tolerance and impact dampening properties.

These foams have variable pore size, density and can be machined. These foams withstand higher temperatures.

Graphene foam dimensions are customizable approximately up to 140 mm X 140 mm X 5 mm in size.

Smaller sizes and other features are also possible.

Graphene foams applications in the field of thermal management materials, sensors, energy storage devices, and in purification and absorption materials.

Few layer Graphene impregnated with carbon foams are also available with adjustable characteristics and dimensions.