Closed Cell Aluminium Foam

Closed Cell Aluminium Foam

Aluminium metal foam, an isotropic, porous aluminium material with a cellular structure and exceptional mechanical and physical capabilities at a very low density.

Closed-cell metal foams are widely offered as a lightweight structural material since they are rigid, light (10–25% of the density of the metal they are constructed of, which is mainly aluminium), and primarily employed as impact-absorbing materials.

Foams are mainly manufactured by foaming of melts by gas injection.

Aluminium foams are exceedingly stiff at a very low weight, process excellent acoustical absorption, electromagnetic shielding, and structural damping. Absorb impact energy regardless of the direction of impact, are far more stable than organic materials like wood or plastic, are attractive, are fully recycled and as a result, do not affect the environment.

Close Cell Aluminium foams are widely applicable in the area of aerospace industry, space industry, and Machine industry: Reinforcement element, mechanical damping, and vibrational control.

Aluminium foams dimensions are customizable depends on the requirement.

Smaller dimensions and features are also possible.