Carbon Foam

Carbon Foam

Carbon foams are an open pore foam material, which have an interconnected three-dimensional cellular network, mainly synthesize by using polymer foams as templates and thermosetting resin as carbon source.

Carbon foam gives many desirable characteristics, such as lightweight, adjustable thermal and electrical conductivity, high temperature tolerance and impact dampening properties. The permeability of carbon foam are high due to larger pore size and open pore structure

Carbon foams have a variable pore size and produced with controllable density, can be machined and customized to shape and these foams are stable at higher temperatures.

Carbon foam is typically made in starting size up to approximately 140 mm X 140 mm X 3 mm/ 140 mm X 140 mm X 5 mm.

Smaller dimensions and features are possible.

Carbon foams are mainly having applications in the area of

Energy storage:

Super capacitors, Electrochemical energy storage, Thermal energy storage


Gas absorbents, Liquid absorbents (Waste water treatment and removing the heavy metals from waste water)


Acoustic Insulation, Thermal Insulation


Humid sensors, Biosensors, Gas sensor, Pressure sensors, Strain sensors