About Us

Nordische Technologies is a cross-border association between Germany and India for the development of various Mobility solutions on a global scale. The team comprises Academicians, Technocrats, and Research Associates having years of experience in related fields. We are based out at Bengaluru, Karnataka and have international affiliates and partners across UK, Germany and Spain. Nordische has been set up to operate as a technology company on a global scale with world-renowned global corporations as its partners. Gradually our company is in the process of making footprints in different countries & creating spin-offs for EVSE technologies. In this process, a spin-off like Nordische Energy Systems Private Limited has been created in the year 2022, dealing with various energy storage and harvesting solutions. Our network is already distributed in countries like Germany, Malaysia, England, Saudi Arabia using our brand Nordische.


Nordische Energy system is a climate change related deep Research and development base entity founded by Nordische Technologies for making clean technologies beyond the boundaries of realm. Nordische Energy system with deep rooted research team working on frontiers of next generation clean energy / storage and climate change related research activities.


Nordische has a philosophy of leaving no stone unturned to positively impact the lives of the masses through pioneering world-class and green technology.  Consequently, all our products and services are affordable, high quality, environment friendly, and technologically superior. We are part of “ABB’s co-branding partnership program in India”, R&D cooperation with SABIC India, joint venture with CSIR-AMPIRI, Government of India and other technological institutions of India and abroad.  This engagement is critical to provide technically superior products for our clients.